More trash bins and stricter recycling standards needed on campus
More trash bins and stricter recycling standards needed on campus
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  • 승인 2010.11.29 13:11
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Frank Gussning
(Ruhr-University Bochum, 4)
 When you visit Seoul, you will at once recognize one huge difference between this city and others. It will follow you along the streets, the grounds, even in the subway stations – with the exception of the subway line 6. The discourse is about the rubbish and how to deal with it.

 Even though you can find garbage cans somewhere along the streets, it is sometimes really hard to handle it. Should I just throw it on the street or carry it somewhere else and behave orderly with probably one or two bags full of waste? Does one really want to do this? Every day is the same procedure.

 When school starts there are no problems, but after lunch, for example in the D-park in front of the YES APM building, you will finally see the first blue or white trash bag standing near a garbage can or simply on the street. Later in the day you’ll probably find several free-riders throwing their trash right next to them.

 In Ewha, there are two similar problems. First, you cannot find any garbage cans anywhere outside on the campus buildings. A simple explanation could be that the university faculty was concerned that everyone would act as the people on Seoul streets and put their garbage right next to them.

 The second problem is that you can find recycle bins only in the buildings. There you have the possibility between two or even four bins which depends on the floor and makes someone wondering why paper is “waste” on B1 floor of the ECC and it has its own bin on floor B4. Normally these bins are frequently exhausted but in buildings with a large crowd passing by, like the Ewha POSCO building or some places in the ECC, you can find similar problems like those on the streets.

 A solution for this problem can be easily found at another university next to Ewha, Yonsei. Whereas Ewha neither has any designated place for smokers (refer to the previous edition of Ewha Voice) nor recycle bins on its campus, Yonsei does.

 These problems can be solved easily and fast. Some bins could be placed where the students frequently go by or hang around. And installing one trash bin that enables recycling would be enough because the biggest amount of garbage is plastic, like bottles or packing material from snacks. Furthermore, bins in the buildings should be installed for three different kinds of trash: one for paper, one for plastics and one for trash, and one for anything that can’t be recycled. That would be the beginning of making Seoul a “Green City” with an immense image factor for Ewha as a leading institution towards a green economy like South Korea proclaims it to be.

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