After marriage, back to Ewha 1
After marriage, back to Ewha 1
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Origins of the regulation

 A year after Korea’s liberation, Ewha became the first four-year university to be officially accredited by the government in 1946. At that time, Ewha added a regulation which stated that only single students could be admitted and those who got married while still in school would be expelled. Every student had to verify her marital status before graduation by submitting a certified copy of the family register. Married women were not accepted as transfer students either.

 This went on for almost 60 years. In those days, it was tradition for girls to marry in their teens and many had to give up their studies after marriage. Due to the deep-rooted Confucian culture, women were confined to their homes to raise children and do housework. It was unorthodox to do much else.

 Ewha, however, wished to clamp those stereotypical traditions and instead provide more opportunities for education.

 “Ewha enacted the regulation to discourage students from suspending studies due to marriage,” said Chung Hee-jung, a member of the Office of University Planning and Coordination.

 On Feb. 7, 2003, the marriage prohibition regulation — article 14 in Section 5 and article 28 in Section 8 of the school regulation — were deleted with the approval of the academic board held on Jan. 30 in the same year. Ewha granted readmissions for those who had been expelled from 2003 to 2006 due to the regulation.

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