Ca’ Foscari University
Ca’ Foscari University
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 Hello to all students of Ewha, My name is Paul, I’m Italian, and I am a first year student at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice, in northern Italy. I will briefly introduce my school and the life of an Italian student.

 The University of Venice has four faculties: economics, foreign languages and literature, science and philosophy. I study languages and cultures of East Asia that includes an intensive language course and main courses and others like history, literature, art, religion and philosophy.

 Here in Italy, the academic year begins in late September and ends in early June. We have about 8-9 months of lessons per year. Each academic year is divided into two semesters and at the end of them we have a test period that lasts about two to three weeks.

 Every course has a final exam with two options. People can take a re-test two weeks after the first one; the student must retry the examination at the end of next semester. Students, as well, are free to choose whether or not to join any examination but this depends on their preparation since we are free to choose when to do an exam.

 Usually at my university we graduate within three years, but often more than three if students enjoy too much freedom from their university lives. After three years we have a major degree optional other two years where we can choose the most interesting field and Ca’Foscari offers many opportunities.

 Ca’Foscari born August 6, 1868 as the Royal School of Commerce. It was the first school in Italy, the second in Europe with higher education in the field of trade and economy, as well as the study of foreign languages.

 Venice is the city of ancient traditions, the crossroads of trade and international contacts, and was the natural cradle to study  economics, languages from all over the world. Even now studying at Venice means to seize the opportunity to live in a unique, international environment with rich  culture. I really like Venice, the city built on water and no cars may seem awkward and strange, but it is a great place to study and relax.

 I was fortunate to live in Seoul this August thanks to the Ewha summer course; Ewha is wonderful and awesome, you are very lucky to study in a so awesome place. But what struck me most are Koreans !

 Thank you for everything !

 I hope to return to Seoul if I get the opportunity.

 a kiss from Italy, Paolo.


Paolo is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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