Never underestimate animal intelligence
Never underestimate animal intelligence
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“Actually animals have intelligence; only by another standard”

Rhee Ihn-hye
(Economics, 2)
 Animals rarely display human-like intelligence, because human beings can speak, think logically and create things but animals cannot.

 But actually animals have intelligence; only by another standard. While it is hard to definitely determine an animal’s intelligence, there are various evidences.

 There is the case of the Korean magpie who always builds his home in a safe and sturdy structure. It is hard to say that it is just due to the instincts of a Korean magpie. It is impossible to consistently build a home safely and solidly without intelligence.

 And there is the case of Utany, an orangutan, who was famous enough to be broadcasted in television shows. He is trained to go to the market and go shopping. He can buy goods like a human. He also remembers to get change. He may have been trained by humans but in the end his skills were made possible because of his intelligence. His intelligence is estimated to be as high as a 4-year-old child.

 The above examples may be familiar. However, the case of the crows is not well-known. Contrary to what people think of the common bird, crows are really intelligent animals.

 A fascinating fact is that crows can actually utilize tools to obtain another tool.

 According to the articles of Science Daily, New Caledonian crows use analogical reasoning to understand how to use tools. Let’s say crows have only a straight wire when they need a bended wire. The, they can process a thought to bend the end of the wire by themselves.

 In addition, crows can remember the best places to save their food, the kind of food they hid long ago and also pick out what they want to eat. Crows are as intelligent as great apes, and certain researches have found that crows can even have a higher level of intelligence than great apes.

 The complexity of the dolphin’s unique way of communicating and their behavior is further evidence of their intelligence.

 Dolphins have also exhibited complex and creative behaviors even during play.

 Dolphins also amuse themselves by producing underwater bubble rings similar to human smokers blowing smoke rings. When they do this, dolphins will often examine their creations and actually enjoy biting the rings.

 As these examples indicate, there are many cases that reflect animal intelligence. Animals may not be as smart as humans. However, according to above examples, Animals seems to have intelligence.

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