INSEEC Graduate Business School
INSEEC Graduate Business School
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 Currently, I’m in last year of master at the INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux in France, created in 1975. Group INSEEC confirms, year after year, its place among the very first groups of French Higher education.

 But what is Bordeaux? You are not without knowing our greater regional pride which bears its name well, the name of my city, and the famous red wine! What makes the richness of my area is, on the one hand, its rich soil, but also the richness of the landscapes. The Atlantic and natural lakes for surfing and all nautical activities: the Pyrenees for the excursions and sliding sports.

 My school is located in the district of Chartrons, which offers to the students a true urban campus, in the middle of squared historical quarters of small streets. They have picturesque restaurants and terraces located in the edge of the Garonne. There is much appraisal by students who go there with friends to sip a cup of expresso with their faces in the warm sun.

 But how is the student life within such good framework? My school, through the sport, the work group, the parties organized within the framework of associative projects carried out by the students themselves, has as a will to create a cohesion and solidarity between students supporting the individual, as well as the student’s capacity to be worked in group, which will be necessary for him or her in its future life as a company worker.

 Each one of us took a share in the first year with an associative project. For me, I took part in a human mission charged to collect medical supplies in order to help the Eastern European countries touched by the catastrophe of Chernobyl. It was an experience really enriching for me. This is an outline of my life as a student of Bordeaux and “INSECOISE” that I will leave with regret because it is not just a school that I leave, but also a family with strong friendships containing so many meaningful memories –not to mention, it is also a pleasant environment that truly gives us the will to wake up the morning and go to the school.

 I complete my university life with Ewha as my last six-month semester; coming here charms me day after day, and I do not regret my choice of International Studies here, which enables me to discover different cultures, people. This formation fully contributes to help, to build, and to forge the person who I have become now. Coming to Ewha is fullfilling for me, and is a good finish to my university life.

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