What a wonderful, colorful world.
What a wonderful, colorful world.
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“Opinions can be different from one another, but they can never be wrong.”

 You may not have noticed, but the world we live in today is a very colorful place. You walk across the street and you can easily spot automobiles in various different colors. Buildings are painted in all sorts of tints. And the sky which is typically perceived as blue, in fact, changes colors every so often from gray to navy to purple and red.

 How wonderful is it to live in such a colorful world. Imagine a world with only two colors: black and white. Indeed, things might have been much easier if we lived in such a world. You wouldn’t have to waste any effort to memorize all the names of different colors. Or you wouldn’t have to worry so much about matching the colors of your outfit every morning.

 However, despite all the trouble, none would say they wished to be blind. To be able to tell colors is a blessing, a gift we easily take for granted.

 Imagine opinions have colors, too. Let’s say, the opinions of people associated to the student council are yellow. And the opinions of minorities are in pink. Looking back, you can easily see that the world we live in consist an infinite number of different shades of perspectives.

 Sometimes, it is inevitable to confront a person who has opposing views. Thus, arguments and debates occur in a daily basis. I agree it is a frustrating job to deal with someone who dislikes your opinion. Meanwhile, your opponent would be feeling the same way, too.

 A Professor from Hong Kong University had once mentioned that difference in opinions is something we should overcome. Despite any hardship it is not something we should or can ignore. And when opinions collide, that is when synergy occurs and better outcomes are presented.

 A common mistake we make when discussing with another person with a different perspective is that we easily conclude that the other person as wrong. This type of misconception arouses emotional anger and usually results in unnecessary fights.

 Opinions can be different from one another, but they can never be wrong. (Unless it touches the unethical borders, then that is another story.) Try making a habit of respecting opposing views by showing efforts to listen. You don’t necessary have to agree, but before you coldly turn around and block your ears, see what parts of the opponent’s opinion differ from yours.

 If you’re lucky, you can even find some gray areas: a start of a compromise.

 It takes effort and time to make necessary changes. However, instead of being frustrated all the time, try thinking on the brighter side. After all, how wonderful is it to live in such a colorful world, where numerous different colors coexist and excitingly blend together.

 The moment you realize how lucky you have been to be able to witness its beauty, you’ll see how it was worth all the earlier disappointments.

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