Universidad Carlos III
Universidad Carlos III
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 My name is Miguel Fernadez Herencias, I am from Madrid, Spain and I would like to talk about my university.
I am right now in Ewha, as an exchange student for one semester, looking forward to finish my major in Business and Administration. My home university is in Madrid, well, a city very close to Madrid, which is called Getafe (famous for its soccer team) and I study in Universidad Carlos III.
In Spain there are two kinds of universities, private and public, which are financed almost fully by the Spanish government. In my case, Universidad Carlos III is a public university, one of the six public universities of Madrid. The university itself has few majors, all of which are related with Social Sciences such as Law, Economics, Statistics, etc.
 Even though it is a small university, it is considered among the three best universities in Spain regarding Law and Business. That is, precisely why I chose this university, along with its numerous majors which are taught in English. My university also has many options for exchange students, both incoming and outgoing. For exchange students going to Madrid, there are many options of living, like for example the residences near the university as well as a huge amount of nearby flats were to live, which are more or less the same price. As an outgoing, last year, Ewha was the first option ever made in Korea, and thus, I really was looking forward to coming here. This university is really meeting my expectations and it is a very good option for Spanish students to be able to travel abroad.

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