Varying Sentence Openers
Varying Sentence Openers
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Varying sentence openers can help you avoid dull, repetitive writing to make your essay more interesting and hold your reader's attention. By beginning your sentences with the same words and phrases, you don't allow yourself to use language to make your point. Rather, what you end up doing is making lists of facts or events.
If you read any published article or novel, you?l notice that sentence opener variety is what makes writing flow naturally from one idea to the next. If you start your sentence in the same way, your writing will bore the reader. Some ways to diversify your sentence openers are:
*Start with adjectives or adverbs.
Deep blue, shimmering, and clear, the sea streched as far as the eye could see. (adjectives)
Loudly and persistently, my daughter asked me to help her with her homework. (adverbs)
*Start with a preposiv tional phrase.
During final exams, I try to leave school early.
*Start with a participle or participial phrase.
Screaming obscenities, Jean chased after the hooligans. (present participial phrase)
Decked out in evening finery, the young man approached his date? house. (past participial phrase)
*Start with an absolute phrase.
All the things considered, the party was a success.
*You can also use a combination of these options, as in this example:
Hastily, without thinking, Alice released the caged tiger. (adverb + prepositional phrase)
In sum, you shouldn? begin each consecutive sentence with the same word or phrase. In the example below, the purpose of the paragraph is to create a favorable impression of a person by highlighting her accomplishments. Study this passage and try to think of ways to vary the sentence openers.
Sujin Lee was born on February 16, 1984. She was an only daughter. She was very cute and clever, and frequently the center of attention. She entered Ahyeon Elementary School. She was an announcer for the school broadcasting station. She attended Ewha Middle School. She was an outstanding student. Also, she was a class representative. She graduated with honors. She got into Ewha Foreign Language High School. In high school she learned Chinese. She was on the class committee. Also she participated in the R&B and soul circle. She participated in various activities and worked part-time. This helped her get a full scholarship to Ewha. Sujin Lee is a remarkable woman..
Note how the paragraph below conveys its purpose much more clearly by diversifying the beginnings of sentences:
Sujin Lee was born on February 16, 1984 as an only daughter. Very cute and clever, Sujin was frequently the center of attention. While at Ahyeon Elementary School, she was an announcer for the school broadcasting station. As an outstanding student at Ewha Middle School, Sujin was a class representative and graduated with honors.
During her years at Ewha Foreign Language High School, she learned Chinese, was on the class committee, and participated in the R&B and soul circle. Participating in various activities while working part-time helped Sujin get a full scholarship to Ewha Womans University. All the things considered, she? a remarkable young woman.

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