La Sorbonne-Nouvelle University
La Sorbonne-Nouvelle University
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Located on the left bank of the Seine River, La Sorbonne-Nouvelle University is one of the thirteen heiresses of the former University of Paris, more famously referred to as La Sorbonne College. Founded in 1970, La Sorbonne-Nouvelle became one of the biggest public universities in France, welcoming more than 17,000 students and assessing its international range in several academic fields such as arts, humanities and languages. The university prepares its students to become specialists in its core academic fields, and is permanently working on attracting students from all over the globe by providing high quality programs. For the 40th anniversary of its creation, La Sorbonne-Nouvelle will present Doctoris Honoris Causa titles to five personalities, among them former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.
The creation of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle marked the end of a turbulent part of French history. It began in early thirteenth century, when the Kingdom of France was experiencing an unprecedented cultural flourishing in Europe under the rein of King Saint Louis. His confessor, an eminent theologian named Robert de Sorbon, nurtured the will to create a college of theology dedicated to the poor. In 1253, the college of La Sorbonne was established, and rapidly became the most dynamic intellectual and scientific centres of the Old Continent. The faculty was granted royal buildings in the Latin Quarter, and pursued its expansion as a powerful institution until the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789. The college of La Sorbonne was thus closed to the public. 
Under the rein of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, France experienced a major wave of reforms in core domains including higher education. The college of la Sorbonne eventually rose from its ashes. When France became a republic, the name changed to University of Paris.
After the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle in 1969, the University of Paris split into thirteen different colleges.
Nowadays, La Sorbonne-Nouvelle has more than 200 partnerships with top universities all over the world. Students from Ewha will find a place full of history, where they can fulfil both of their academic and personal objectives. Following the example of Seoul, Paris remains a main cultural destination in Europe, offering its citizens a place where diversity rimes with humanity.

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