Women's Film Festival In Seoul To Feature Panorama Of Works
Women's Film Festival In Seoul To Feature Panorama Of Works
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The 6th annual "Women's Film Festival" in Seoul (WFFIS) is to be held from April 2 to 9 at the Artreon and Noksaek Theater, in Sinchon. 74 films from 20 different nations have been selected to be shown under the motto, "See the world through women's eyes." The films, which are limited only by the requirement that they be directed by women and deal with womens issues, are organized in six sections: New Currents, Asian Cinema, Focus on Margarethe von Trotta, Young Feminist Forum, Feminist Film and Video Activism, and the Asian Short Film and Video Competition.
According to the executive committee of the WFFIS at the March 4 press interview, the selected opening film is ?n the Cut with direction by New Zealand director Jane Campoon of ?iano fame, production by Nicole Kidman and a lead played by Meg Ryan. Critics laud this movie as fitting perfectly with the festival? idea of, ?y the women; For the women. The fact that the film was based on a novel by woman writer Susan Moore, adds more credibility to the claim of providing a forum for female works to be shown. In the New Currents section­offering the best female directors works for the last two years­among 30 films Korean works, ?nvisible Light by Kim Jin-a and ?he Uninvited by Lee Soo-yeon have been chosen as two of the most representative.
This year? movie premier is expected to gather a much bigger audience than previous years festivals in support of the WFFIS? new attempt of gathering women power. The area change from Dongsung-dong to Sinchon was made due to the fact that Sinchon area is the energy of the younger generation.
In response to the requests of the young females planning to attend, the festival? board has planned a forum titled, ?xchange and Overview on Women? Film Festival in Asia and an open conversation period with famous Korean women movie producers, along with producers Angelica Levy from Germany and Lisa Madoerin from Switzerland. Additionally, an open stage performance, ?he Water Magician by Sawato Midori, will be added for participants to enjoy.
The opening ceremony will take place on April 2 at the Mapo Cultural Education Center Art Hall and 300 participants who apply through the homepage (http:// www.wffis.co.kr) will be selected to win free tickets for the April opening ceremony. Ticket prices are 5,000 won per movie and for women who will bring children during the event time between April 3 to 8, free child care facilities will be avaiable at the 6th floor of the Sinchon Artreon.
Further information about the Festival­movies, running time, theater, facilities­will be guided by the mascot ?FFIS Caster at Artreon and Noksaek theater.

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