Visit KGU in Japan
Visit KGU in Japan
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  When talking about Kwansei Gakuin University, I cannot miss these individual aspects, a rich natural environment at the campus, its location and active students.
  First of all, there are plenty kinds of plants and we can spend comfortable school life enjoying them. we can enjoy the beauty of the flowers or trees of the season at the campus throughout the year.
  Cherry blossom in spring, azaleas in summer, maidenhair trees in fall or saffrons in winter, for example.
  Moreover, we sometimes have lunch outside in the well-kept garden as if it is a picnic.
  Next, the area of the campus is very convinient to study or enjoy the leisure. I actually didn’t like the location of the campus before entering the university since it is in the countryside, however, I totally changed my mind since I found its remarkable points. First, it is nice because we can drive to school although most of universities in Japan do not allow to do so and there are big parking area for the students. Second, there are lots of places for relaxation.
  There are many nice cafes and hot springs and a movie theater near the university and we can relieve some of our stress for studying there.
  Additionally, we can access to the places which are proper for researches or camps.
Finally, the students of KGU are very active and aggressive. It is not only about the studies but also club activities.
  There are many clubs in KGU, and they contribute the university, society or even other countries. For instance, Eco-habitat, which is volunteer cub, has a meeting every week for more than 3 hours and build houses in developing countries.
  KGU is the university loved by its student, many of them go to the university even they do not have any classes because they love it.
 The more I spend time there, the more I liked KGU. It is my belief that KGU will be being the best university ever for me also in the future.

 This article was contributed by Chiro Takeno, a Policy Studies major from KGU.

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