A Journey to the Inspirational City of New York
A Journey to the Inspirational City of New York
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Joo Soo-hyung poses at the United Nation Headquarters in New York City.

  On the very day I signed my name next to New York University as the school to attend, I knew the year to come was going to be special. Now that I reminisce about I’ve gone through, I can say with no hesitation that the experience in  New York was even better than what I’d expected. The life in New York was full of opportunities, and the city itself made me a different person, a better one than I used to be.
  I remember writing down my  exchange student application paper that I want to learn the diversity and a key virtue for a good teacher. In New York, My background was respected as another piece to add on the vast puzzle of various members of the city. The diverse experiences made me practice to push my boundaries, to overcome stereotypes, to appreciate differences, and to eventually embrace many students. Also, the bustling city gave me the energy to work harder, enjoy better, and experience more. Although the school works were always very demanding, I tried to fulfill what was expected for me as a student while satisfying my urge as a tourist of the city. I have watched more than 10 Broadway and Lincoln center shows. I mingled with the sports fans on the day of Super Bowl at a local sports bar. I skimmed through my readings at the Washington Square Park, while listening to the live music of the free-spirited street musicians. Through these experiences, I learned how to spare my sleep to enjoy the city that never sleeps. At the end of the semester I was no more a tourist, but a local Newyorker.
  The city was truly full of opportunities that just a little research gave me an access to the world best experiences. I could attend the commencement held in the Yankee stadium and listen to Hilary Clinton’s message; I could study at one of the largest academic libraries looking over the empire state building till late night. These set of adventures led me to have a broader aspect to the world, and to aim higher to be a better citizen of the world.
I once again think a year as an NYU student and a New Yorker was one of the luckiest chances that came to my life.
  I worked with faculty and   families who really cared about me and thanked what I could do for them. Now I would hold on to the wonderful experiences they gave, and use the lessons New York has given me.

By Joo Soo-hyoung(4, English Education) spent a year at New York University.


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