Events, Awards commemorate Ewha’s124th anniversary
Events, Awards commemorate Ewha’s124th anniversary
  • Yang Su-bin
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Ewha will commemorate its 124th anniversary on May 31, and the administration and colleges of Ewha are to host various events for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members.
The most noted official events are the 124th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony and Alumnae Day celebration held at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. At the commemoration ceremony, which will be held at 10 a.m. on May 31, the Academic Awards will be presented to full-time professors who have served for 10 years at Ewha and have outstanding accomplishments in their academic fields. Official commendations will also be given to faculty members who have been in service for 10, 20, and 30 years at Ewha, respectively. Alumnae Day will follow at 2 p.m., including a chorus contest and Alumni Bulletin contest.
During the event, Ewha Alumna of the Year will be selected from each major among those who graduated in 1980.“The title Ewha Alumna of the Year is given to an alumna from each major who served her family, Ewha, or society as she learned in Ewha. Each year, more than 40 people are awarded,” said Kim Soon-young, the president of Ewha Alumnae.
Many events are to be organized by the colleges and institutes of Ewha on May 31, including special lectures hosted by each college. The Ewha Institute of Unification Studies invited Hyun In-taek, current Minister of Unification. Hyun is scheduled to give a lecture on current inter-Korean relationship and the policy toward North Korea. The Department of Chemistry & Nano Science hosted a special lecture by Robber Grubbs, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.
Non-academic events include the Ewha Global Festival held by the the Office of Global Affairs from May 19 to 20. The Global Culture Excursion Booth and Olympics for international students will be held at the ECC and Ewha Athletics Track. “By holding this event, Ewha students will know more about the cultural background of international students,” said Zi Hong-min, the Vice President of the Office of Global Affairs.
Also, the College of Art and Design will host the Medium and Exchange Exhibition from May 24 to 29 at the Art & Design Building A, #216.
“This exhibition is organized by five graduate students. The purpose of this exhibition is to show the direction modern art should pursue,” said Woo Dong-hee (Policy Sciences, Graduate School), the coordinator of the event.

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