Visit GDUFS in China
Visit GDUFS in China
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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is one of the prestigious universities in China which specializes in international studies and one of the key institutions of higher learning in Guangdong Province in South China. The University is situated in Guangzhou, a city with a long history and rich cultural legacy and the economic hub in South China. It has three campuses, namely North Campus, South Campus and Dalang Campus, with a total area of 145 hectares. With fine surroundings featuring green trees, crystal streams, scenic bridges and fresh air, the University can well serve as an ideal place for teaching, learning and research.



Guangdong University of Foreign Studies was the merger of Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages and Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade, which now has become a key university in Guangdong Province with broad international reputation in foreign language and trade education.



The University endeavours to promote the integration of foreign languages and specialties, cultivate talents who can pride themselves on one specialty with multiple skills and a global vision and a sense of innovation, so as to prepare them to become internationally-oriented personnel who can readily facilitate global cooperation and participate in international competition.



GDUFS oriented on teaching researches, and known for foreign languages, trade and business administration education; featuring outstanding foreign language teaching, offering 12 language programs like English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian-Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic; boasting a long list of provincial key majors, including International Trade, Business Administration, International Finance, Accounting, Logistics Management, Convention Economy and International Business, etc; providing all-English programs of International trade, International Finance, International Business, Marketing and Journalism. The University attaches great importance to, and actively conducts, academic and cultural exchanges with overseas institutions. At present, it has established links with 123 universities, academic institutions or cultural organizations.

This artile as contributd by Ying u from GDUFS and thi information is taken from the school homepage(

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