Storytelling is transcendent, ancient art
Storytelling is transcendent, ancient art
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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Professor Han Hye-won (Digital Media) is talking about the significance of digital storytelling at her office.
 Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are one of the most famous story lines in the world. They spread from mouth to mouth like a magic spell and allures people regardless of  ages to fall into their imaginative worlds. But those who attempted to spellbind the public is was were not only the renowned writers but also the anonymous storytellers.
Professor Han Hye-won (Digital Media) is a recognized pioneer in the field of storytelling who has conducted storytelling lecture since 2003 in Ewha.  She is also famous as a prolific writer by publishing a number of books: ‘Digital game and storytelling, ‘Vampire chronicle’, Digital storytelling’.
Han has also been working as an associate editor of The Digital Storytelling Society and The Korean Modern Novel Society. Her passion to become an expert in storytelling led her to the field of Digital Media Sstudies after graduating from the Ewha graduate school as a popular literature major.
“Storytelling  has existed as long as humanity has had languaglanguage,” said Han.
Han says thate. sStorytelling is the ancient art of conveying events in words, images, and sounds often by improvisation or words of mouth.”
Stories have been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture. In the same line, digital storytelling is an evolution of stories which uses the computer-based tools such as images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music to spread stories.  Traditionally, oral stories were passed from generation to generation, and survived solely by memory. With written media, this has become less important. Conversely, in modern times, the vast entertainment industry is built upon a foundation of sophisticated multimedia storytelling.
The digital story telling studies has not been widely introduced into Korea. However, it is expected that Korea is a place which possesseswith high potential for a more active storytelling culture, as Korea is a nation with a history of five thousand years which means it has hundreds of stories headed down by generations during the five thousand years of history.y word of mouth.
“Japan is surely the pioneer in the field of story-telling. However, Korea can keep up with the gaps between 100 years.Korea has been lagging behind since  Korea’s story telling culture has been eliminated due to the spread of realism which deterioratesdeteriorated the senseconcept of creativity storytelling ‘creativity’.required in storytelling. Like coal deposits, deposits of stories are significant. It’s time to mine coal and use to support the proliferation of storytelling culture,” explained Han.
    Looking back upon the past ofat  hermy life, Han I could have not completely put hersmyself into studying story telling field if it wasn’t for her fascination to share and make stories. According to Han, digital ever fascinated by sharing and making stories. Story tellingstorytelling has a powerful magnetism and offers various attractive perspectives as an interdisciplinary field where s. Tthree departments are consolidated into Digital Media studies; Technology, Literature and Academic mediation.
“This collaborative characteristic of digital story -telling allows interacting with various people from different academic backgrounds,” said Han.
 In 2008, Han and her research followers cooperated with Samsung Electronics to invent Interactive TV contents as an “Edutainment,”a concept that combines education and entertainment, tool for children. “I had to learn brief knowledge of electronic technology and psychological tendencies of children to effectively convey educate and entertain children with stories.” Han especially emphasized the smooth interaction with technicians was crucial since they are responsible for visualization of the story. “This is why I sternly proclaim the importance of interconnection between studies. We need to diversify our knowledge,” claimed Han. 
Han has spent huge amount of time promoting story-telling and supporting story-telling studies in Korea,rooting down into Korea, and says that the bridge between the studiesliterature and technology is more important than even with the development of technology in 21st century. Now words can be visualized and portable, she noted.
Han asked Ewha students to show an interest in various events occurring around them and share those moments with others.
“ Just“Just share stories with others who you love to be with. Nothing can measure different levels of importance between stories,” said Han.

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