Urgent need for Green Campus movement
Urgent need for Green Campus movement
  • Bae June-young
  • 승인 2010.05.04 12:07
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Bae June-young
It took a long time for spring to come to Ewha campus. Flowers just seemed to bloom but it’s already withering. The spring fantasy is over too soon this year, it should have been here on from March to May. This phenomenon can be observed not only in Seoul but all over the world.
These days, lots of natural disasters, including severe earthquakes, are occurring around us. Few days ago, there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Because of this, all airplanes planned to depart from Europe or arrive at Europe were canceled, so all the passengers had to stay at airports for about a week. Also, there was an earthquake in Tsinghai, China and many people died and brought huge damage. Also, recently there was a terrible earthquake in Haiti. We can see clearly that earth is suffering from pollution.
When I heard this news, I joked with my friend about the movie 2012, but as these catastrophes are gradually appearing in our lives, I’m getting nervous that the movie will turn into a startling reality.
Gradually we get to see increasing numbers of extreme weather phenomenon, such as snowing in the middle of spring, and I feel that the climate change is coming closer into reality. These days I even feel like Korea’s weather is becoming more and more like England’s. Plus natural disasters are frequently happening over the world, I began to worry if the world has finally come to an end.
It is human beings who made the earth this way, and we are paying the consequences for using earth for destroying the nature and polluting the environment.
Now, it is time to save and protect our earth. Though it may seem hard to take a first step, we can participate in from recycling to world-wide campaigns.
In campus, nowadays there are active movements and campaigns promoting
“Green Campus,” encouraging students to recycle and save energy. Students should start helping promote ‘Green Campus’ by doing small things like using their own cups instead of paper cups, and taking the B.M.W (which stands for bus, metro and walking respectively) when they come to school. Also, using both sides of the paper and making notices on the web than by giving handouts would be something we can do to help the environment. We can also turn off the lights in empty classrooms and use the stairs instead of elevators. Lastly, we can save enrgy by using less energy on air conditioners or heating apparatus.
Ewha is not the only univesity in action. Many universities nation-wide are participating in the “Green Campus Movement.” These movements are not only for our campus but also for ourselves and the earth we live in. I hope many students take part in this campaign and make the earth more clean and livable.

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