Kim Young-ui Hall’s seat contribution system
Kim Young-ui Hall’s seat contribution system
  • Kwon Yu-bi
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A view of Kim Young-ui Hall shows tablets on the black of the seats where donors can engrave names or messages.
Ewha School of Music (ESM) started a seat contribution system to prepare for the renovation of Kim Young-ui Hall, which initiated from March 15.



Established in 1981, the Music Building has two stories below and six stories above the ground. The building was equipped with new facilities needed for the education of music at the time of its construction, but now it calls for repair to provide a better studying environment and safety for students.



“Since it was built about 30 years ago, the facilities such as the hall and practice rooms are not in good condition. There is also a problem of tiles attached to the outside of the building falling, which is very dangerous for students,” said Professor Lee Taik-ju, the dean of ESM.



             Lee said the Music Building will undergo repairs this summer and the seat contribution for Kim Young-ui Hall is to help the school prepare the entire renewal.



“Although repairing the whole building will cost a lot of money, we need competitiveness with better facilities. It will be meaningful for alumnae and supporting companies to participate in the project,” said Lee.



The seat contribution system invites any supporters including alumnae and companies interested in helping remodel the hall to donate funds. Donators can choose a seat and engrave their name or a short story on a tablet on the back of the chair. 



             ESM aims to collect one million won per 528 seats in the hall, collecting a total of 528 million won which will solely be used for construction.



             After submitting a contract to participate by mail or fax, donators can choose a favored seat. For further information, visit the homepage ( or call 02-3277-2456.



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