Long-distance commute worries some Ewha students
Long-distance commute worries some Ewha students
  • Son Min-ji
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   For university students who feel 24 hours is just not enough, the hours spent commuting from home to school are pure gold. Incruit, (http://www.incruit.com), the job search Web site, conducted a survey of 745 students’ habits in commuting to school and found that students spend an average of two hours commuting, and that 46 percent of the respondents feel that they are under a lot of stress because of the long hours.
   Ewha students were not an exception. The Ewha Voice asked the students about their habits and patterns in commuting to school. The survey was conducted on 194 students from 13 colleges, with numbers surveyed in proportion to the size of each college, from April 7 to 9.
   More than half of the students (76 percent) answered that they use public transportation such as the bus and subway. Others used cars, bicycles, or walking when commuting to school. Among those who use public transportation, 26 percent transfer to other subway lines or buses. Moreover, 15 percent of students among the 194 respondents took both the bus and the subway.
   Regarding time, 42 percent of the respondents said that it takes less than an hour to get to school and go back home. Those who spend an hour to hour and a half were 29 percent of the whole, one and a half hour to two hours 12 percent; and more than two hours 17 percent. Location of homes varied among those who spent more than one and a half hours in transit. Most were from Gyeonggi Province, and Gangnam-gu followed next. More than half of the people who spend over an hour and a half commuting said that they were stressed.
    “Because of the long commuting distance, I feel exhausted in the morning.  Although it takes about an hour to go to school, I have to leave home 30 minutes earlier,” said Choi Woo-kyung (Ceramic Arts, 2) who lives in Yangjae-dong, Gangnam-gu. “It is financially burdensome for me to live near school.”
     Participants spent 13,100 won per week on average for their transportation, but those who spent over an hour and a half transiting spent 17,830 won per week.
      As a solution to relieve students’ burdens, Ewha students suggested various answers. Answers included an off-campus shuttle bus system, a discounted metro pass for university students, and financial support for transportation fees.

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