How to enjoy campus life without being stressed out
How to enjoy campus life without being stressed out
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Yoon Jung-won (Chinese Language and Literature, 2)
Kim Ye-Seul’s poster displayed at Korea University had been an issue around campus for a while. Generally, I agree with Kim’s logical points. Students nowadays focus too much on their grade and achieving certificates. College students are victimized mostly because of the social framework made by enterprises and the government, which the college students will soon be maintaining.
At the same time, we are the ones who maintain the framework. This contradicting situation forced Kim to drop out. However, most students do not have the courage like Kim. Then, what should we do? I think the answer is “If you can’t avoid it, you might as well try and enjoy it.” So, let’s see how we can enjoy our life without being stressed.
 According Kim, university is the subcontractor of the enterprise and argues that university does not provide the real education for students. This is the only part that I can’t agree with her. It’s true that university students get stressed out from studying. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that universities do not provide the education.
We learn a countless number of things in university. Unlike high school, we can choose what class we want to take, and even the professors teach us in depth. How can we say that we do not learn from the school, only because they make us compete in the exam? Feel happy that we learn a lot of things at school and don’t be freaked out about the test, because, after graduation, no one will teach you as well as the university can. It’s the last four years when you can learn so many things from good professors.
Be glad for what you learn, as this is not only about your G.P.A. it also includes TOEFL score, certificates, and so on. Before you even think that you must take the test to get a good job in the future, believe that you learn this for your own good. Believe that you can become a valuable person than before by doing good on these things. Also, contest exhibit and lots of camps are the same. Before you feel that you have to win in a contest because you have to get a good job, think this way: these things are those you can’t enjoy after graduation. It’s a privilege that only university students can try things easily than any other person. This thinking will make you study harder with less stress.
Many people say that they want to go back to high school,  as seniors all over again. Some say that they regret that they didn’t study hard enough. Others say their high school memory is so precious-just like that four years as a university student will be precious as well. So, don’t feel so stressed about the things that you should do. Think positively. I believe that it will be good to make your campus life more prosperous than before. Enjoy!

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