A sparkling reminiscence in Wellington
A sparkling reminiscence in Wellington
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Choi Sae-am (Left) poses with her friends at Wellington.
  I had so many great memories in while studying in Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) as an exchange student that I will never forget the year 2009. I  remember when I first arrived in Wellington. At that time, everything was new to me and I was so excited. As time passed, I was accustomed to “Welly” life and VUW.
However “Welly” life was not always easy for me, and sometimes it was so harsh and rough that I wanted to go back to Korea where my family and friends are. It is not easy to live abroad by myself. But through my effort to overcome difficulties such as homesick, loneliness, communication problems( imperfect English), I became to the next level, and this experience became unforgettable. I became mature and improved my English speaking ability.
During my days in Wellington, I had to do everything by myself without any help from my family or friends in Korea. This made me become more independent, diligent and determinate than before. Sometimes I used to make decisions too seriously and slowly, putting them off and missing some opportunities. However I realized it should be me who decide things in my life. My experience as an exchange student helped me to be more independent, determinent and to have more strength.
I realized how much I love my family and friends in Korea and how dear they are to me. My iternational and Korean friends I made in Wellington also gave me so much support that I felt so lucky to have such good friends  overseas. I do not think I can study and live in Wellington happily without my family and friends.
Another life as an exchange student helped me gain broader vision toward the world. As I experienced a completely different environment from that of my country, I could understand better about diversity. I was amazed by knowing how much different people are living in this world. But simultaneously I comprehended we are all the same human beings living with others.
Despite the diversity of people, I found common things among them. This profound experience as an exchange student in Wellington helped me understand the world better and  helped me make my way through  the world. I will never forget my “Welly” life.

By : Choi Sae-am (Clothing and Textiles, 4) spent a year at the Victoria University of Wellington.

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