Ewha Chinese Student Association established
Ewha Chinese Student Association established
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About 200 Chinese students, are now studying at Ewha, taking up more than 30% of international student body according to the Office of Global Affairs (OGA). In accordance to this, the Ewha Chinese Student Association (ECSA) was launched this spring semester.


Selina Li Qiaowei (International, 2) and Guo Jia (Xiamen University, 2), current president and vice-president, established an official Chinese student government of more than 20 staff members to enhance the welfare of Chinese students at Ewha. This is the first time for international students at Ewha to establish their own student association.


“Before the assocation was established, private meetings were held weekly by Chinese students,” said Guo. “Then suggestions were made within Chinese students to establish a student association for better communication of students.”


             The ECSA was established with the support from the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) to help Chinese students quickly adapt to the new environment. The ECSA is the only student association for foreign students and currently an unofficial organization.


The association has three main goals; providing chances for cultural exchange, being a subculture community for Chinese students and helping students gain global mindsets through discussions and lectures.


For cultural exchange, the ECSA currently receives financial support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) for tours onSeoulwith international students who are not Chinese.


“Although the ECSA focuses on Chinese students in Ewha, we also feel responsible for helping students from other countries,,” said Li.


Since it has been only a month since its initiation, administrative details such as periodic meetings and getting long-term support from other organizations are yet to be concluded. During their wait, the ECSA plans to have monthly discussions regarding controversial issues within such as’s diplomatic policies.

“We are trying to invite Chinese entrepreneurs or ambassadors on a monthly basis to give lectures about global issues,” said Li. “At this stage, the ECSA is more like a club activity in Ewha. Although we carry the name, “student association,” we are a kind of community for Chinese students to get together in a more efficient and novel way.”


With the support from official organizations such as the SMG and other Chinese associations in Korean universities and the ECSA plans to expand its business scale. For Chinese students and students of other nationalities who wish to participate in the ECSA, contact ECSA by sending an e-mail to (ewhapanda@gmail.com).


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