La Sorbonne Nouvelle
La Sorbonne Nouvelle
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 My visit to Korea has permitted me to see Université Paris III- Sorbonne Nouvelle from a different angle: to compare the old with new, modern technology with traditional one, as well as Asian with European perspective. One step back from the la Sorbonne Nouvelle has made me reflect upon what a unique place my university really is.
 The original Université de Paris, also called La Sorbonne, was founded in the mid 12th century, one of the oldest universities in the world. My university, La Sorbonne Nouvelle (the new Sorbonne) was actually founded in 1971, after dividing the original Sorbonne into 13 universities by subjects of studies. A new campus was built for it, in the very heart of student life in Paris, in the Quartier Latin.
 France doesn’t have the campus culture like Korea and the United States which are integrated into living, breathing metropolises. A few steps out from the Sorbonne Nouvelle building make you to plunge into the world of marchés (markets), boulangeries (bakeries) and brasseries (cafés). The original rue Mouffetard once linked Paris and Rome, two major European cities of the Renaissance period. Now, the street is always packed with students, sellers, musicians, artists-people who make Paris as a rich city in culture.
 My university is an intrinsic part of the variety of activities. It holds on to its historic roots by offering many of the classes that were held 600 years ago, such as Latin and Ancient Greek. But it also renews itself by incorporating new faculties and areas of study. It has famous Film and Theatre studies faculties, and Linguistics institute is on the forefront of academic research in languages. Paris III has also opened itself to the world. Exchange students from all countries come  to join the ranks of its students, making it more energetic everytime.
 If you ever get a chance to go to Paris, follow rue Mouffetard from the little south of Notre Dame and see centuries of scholasticism alive in la Sorbonne Nouvelle.

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