Once a disqualified candidate party, now the 42nd SGA
Once a disqualified candidate party, now the 42nd SGA
  • 홍지원 Hong Jee-won
  • 승인 2010.04.12 11:37
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The 42nd Student Government Association Real Ewha's president Jung Yoon-ji (right) and vice-president Shin You-jin (left)
The Real Ewha party won Ewha’s 42nd Student Government Association (SGA) presidential re-election, held from March 30 to 31. Real Ewha gained nearly 61 percent of 8,732 ballots cast, compared to competing Peara Ewha’s 37 percent. Jung Yoon-ji (Law, 4) was elected president and Shin You-jin (Sculpture, 3) vice-president for 2010. 
During last year’s invalidated SGA presidential election, the Election Management Committee disqualified Real Ewha for violating election rules. In response to this, Real Ewha members shaved their heads in protest and urged students to boycott the election. After only 20.41 percent of the student body voted on November 27, Election Management Committee decided to hold a re-election.
After the re-election, Jung was “honored to be given the chance to enhance the rights of Ewha students.”
President-elect Jung said how the Ewha Paju Education and Research Center will be used is the most important issue for this year’s SGA.
“We have set our priority in demanding that the school disclose crucial facts that directly affect the students,” she said.
One of Real Ewha’s first actions will be to make student planners, which are normally distributed to students every March, by the end of April. No planners were made this year due to the absence of an SGA. Also on the agenda is planning May’s daedong festival, the biggest and most important campus event of the year. The SGA plans to revive the Yeongsan tug-of-war. It will recruit students for the festival planning committee right after mid-term exams.
As an SGA that promised to listen to students, Real Ewha opened a temporary Web site (club.cyworld.com/realewha) to communicate after the re-election.
Also, in recognition of the increasing diversity on campus, Real Ewha plans to establish a separate body of international students under the SGA where they can voice their concerns to the them.
“Many international students showed interest in us during the election and we felt the need for a separate entity that could represent the international students here at Ewha,” Jung said. “Anyone interested in joining should not hesitate to contact us.”


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