Hope for a small class
Hope for a small class
  • Lee Myung-jin
  • 승인 2010.03.30 12:35
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Lee myung-jin (Politic and Diplomacy, 2)
When I opened the door of my first major class in this semester, I saw that many students got stuck in. There was no seat empty, so students followed me were standing during the class for an hour. About 100 students were added to this class; I’m with 200 students now. Eventually the classroom was moved to the bigger one. That classroom provides each student with very small space and the class continues for 3 hours, so I really have hard time to hear and concentrate on this class. My friend who majors in economics has a similar situation with me in her major class. She told me, “It is hard for me to understand the class because my seat is so far from blackboard. I don’t know what the professor write on the blackboard!” I heard that about 120 students are with her in that class. Owing to this kind of problem, some students wait for their class to have a seat nearly blackboard.



Perhaps many students have more than one major class like mine, especially students in economics and politics in social science. In my case-my major is politics and diplomatic-all major classes have a lot of students; the less one has about 70 students. What do you think about this kind of situation? This is a problem that must be resolved firstly and by all means for student and also professor. The right that students have classes of high quality is foremost among their rights. But in the big class, there are no question, no communication and no energy. Of course, cyber campus is used to help this class but I think there is a limit. It is just a kind of tool for supporting a class. There is no dynamic discussion. For professor, it is very important for them to teach students on their own way in university. A big class, however, do not permit it. Big class’ professors make a class in similar way. They just teach like high school’s teacher.   



Having a class and learning my major is a sort of core of my school life. But sometimes I feel that I have a class in the academy just for a sort of examination, not school. I often have a question that “Do I pay the most expensive tuition among schools for such classes?”.



 School always says that they do their best for student’s welfare, but sadly they don’t resolve the most significant problem above. Clean restroom, great buildings like ECC are not as important as good class. I seriously hope I have small classes with about 30 students and I know other students want that. Be a small.





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