The 12th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul
The 12th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul
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              The 12th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (IWFFIS 2010) will be held from April 8 to 15 under the theme of “maternity,” at the movie theatre Artreon, located in Sinchon.


104 films from 27 countries which reflect the women’s viewpoint on world issues, such as anti-patriarchy on the movies will be screened during the festival. Among them, 40 movies were awarded from diverse film festivals including a movie named “Earth’s Women,” which received the first prize at the Seoul Independent Film Festival of 2009.


Ewha, long noted for taking a leading role in empowering women’s rights in Korea, is actively supporting the festival. Professor Chang Pil-wha (Women’s studies) was the president of the IWFFIS 2009, while F-fora, which means100 people who love the IWFFIS, held their first meeting of 2010 at the Lee Sang-bong hall at the  ECC with the support of the Ewha Institute of Leadership Development.


              “Concerning our big connection with Ewha and the significance Ewha has as the first women’s university, we thought it would be meaningful to hold a section of the festival called International Forum at Ewha, ” said Wang Na-yeon, the PR manager of the festival.


              The festival holds an initiative among women’s movie festival in Asia by establishing a network among Asian movies produced by female directors. It also takes a significant role in introducing diverse queer movies and determining the current flow in women’s movies. Also, the festival is famous for its remarkable popularity, having a 90 percent of its seats filled every year and the nickname, “incubator of female movie directors in Asia” for its efforts to discover and develop female movie directors.


Especially this year’s festival provides various programs to observe female issues of each Asian region such as the repressed freedom of women in Asia. Among the programs the Asian Spectrum section will provide an opportunity to screen Asian female directors’ movies.


              Tickets are available at the official Web site ( or at the ticket booth in Artreon. Movies are 5,000 won each And a group of 15 people can receive a 1,000 won discount. The IWFFIS also offers a special movie package for the IWFFIS Mania section where people can watch 10 movies for 40,000 won.

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