Ewha makes seats for graduate students
Ewha makes seats for graduate students
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      The Chaplain’s Office has designated 45 seats on the first floor for students from Ewha graduate schools in the daily chapel session starting March 8. In the past, the chapel was open to graduate students, but this is the first time for the Chaplain’s Office to designate seats for graduate students.


      “About 50 percent of the graduate students are not Ewha alumnae, and we wanted to let them experience what chapel is like,” said Lee Han-nah from the Chaplain’s office. “Previously, those graduate students willing to attend chapel had to stand at the back or sit on assistant seats which were not always available. So starting this semester, we decided to provide seats for the graduate students.”


      The 45 assigned seats are located on the first floor in row B 2901 to 2909, and 3301 to 3309, and graduate students can freely attend chapel at any time they want. In the future, ther maybe some changes as to the placement of designated seats, but they will still be provided.


             The number of seats was decided based on the average number of graduate students, visitors, and empty seats. But there is no plan of increasing the number of seats for graduate students, due to the fact that chapel is an undergraduate students’ course.


      “These seats are not only for the graduate students but also for the Ewha alumnae, and special visitors who wish to join the service and recollect their school-life memories,” said Lee.


      “I really like the fact that we can appreciate chapel with designated seats. It was hard to sit in the sub-chairs in the middle of the hall way,’” said Kim Hye-won (’07, Journalism & Media Studies).



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