Must-see films
Must-see films
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Iternational Women’s Film Festival in Seoul (IWFFIS), Kwon Eun-sun selected five must-see films from the 104 films shown during the festival.
Blessed. Ana Kokkinos, Australia, 2009, Drama, 115’
The film’s main theme is maternal love. It talks about seven children who wander the streets and fall into the city’s great adventure. They cannot get back home, stuck into danger, and one of them gets lost. The long movie is narrated by the mother and shows how mothers are emotionally vulnerable just like their children.  The movie won the Best Script Award at 2009 San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The Tango Singer. Diego Martinez Vignatti, Belgium, 2009, Drama, 102’
This film touches the issue of career women and shows the life of a tango singer who fights against all odds to become the best tango singer in Buenos Aires. The beautiful tango melodies are another notable feature.

Desert Flower. Sherry Hormann, Germany, 2009, Drama, 124’
The movie talks about a woman victim of circumcision. A 13-year-old girl decides to run away after her father forces her into an arranged marriage. Years later, she becomes a top-model in London and speaks up for the victims, of female circumcision being one herself, and dedicates her life to fighting the savage custom. The film won the Audience Award in the 2009 San Sebastian International Film Festival.
Vision.  Margarethe von Trotta, , Germany, 2009, Drama, 111’
The film is based on a true story of a woman named Hildegard who was raised in a monastery in Germany, under the care of her life-long mentor Utah. When Utah dies, Hildegard is shocked to find a stab wound on his body and decides to change the monastic order. Hildegard is an important figure and author who still has a big influence in literature, music and philosophy.
White Material. Claire Denis, France, 2009, Drama, 102’
The film talks about African colonial life through a white woman’s perspective.  The main character is Maria, a Caucasian woman born in Africa. She manages a farm that has been the living of her father, ex-husband, and child. Because of Maria’s stubborn pride, the farm faces a threat and her ex-husband Andre decides to take the family to France without telling Maria. However, both Maria and Andre are not aware of the fact that the farm has become a hideout for an officer of rebel forces.

Summarizes Provided by Wang Na-yeon of public relations department.

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