Ewha enhances online security
Ewha enhances online security
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The Office of Information and Communications has started a single sign on (SSO) log-in service to enhance convenience and security for the school’s websites.

             With the newly started SSO system, students can access 12 school websites through one log-in. The 12 websites are Ewha Portal Information System, Research, Ewha Centennial Library, Career Development Center, Ewha Cyber Campus, Global Online, Ewhain.net, University Health Service Center, Hanwoori Hall, Ewha Medical School, Academy Certificate System and Internet License Issuing Service. The system started on February 25.

             Unlike the former system where each of the 12 sites could access and manage users’ information, the SSO manages information on one designated site to enhance security.

             “The main purpose of the service is to keep Ewha students’ personal information safe. Since each user’s personal information is temporarily saved in user’s PC, we needed to enhance the security,” said Kim So-youn, the manager of the SSO service.

             The new SSO system was also made connecting to school websites easier.

             “Thanks to this new system I can connect to almost every websites I frequently visit through one log-in. It’s more convenient than the former service, where I had to log in and out for dozen times,” said Kim Sun-Kyung (Korean, 3).

             However, complains regarding the automatic log-out feature of the system also exist. For the security reasons, the program is designed to ask if user wants to continue access every hour. If users missed to answer it, they automatically get logged out.

             “I have to log in over and over if I miss to answer the question. It’s more bothersome than the former service, where I could stay in a site as long as I wanted,” said Park Ji-eun (Politics, 2).

             Some students have also had trouble installing magic pass program, required to install before using SSO system for the first time.

             “Some users couldn’t install the program easily due to their PC conditions. We are trying to provide quick and kind guidance through the IT One-Stop Service center regarding this matter,” said Kim.


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