Long-awaited constructions begin in Paju
Long-awaited constructions begin in Paju
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Camp Edwards, the former U.S. Army base site, will be where construction of Ewha's branch campus begins.

 Ewha will begin construction on the Ewha Paju Education and Research Center this year in Youngtae-ri, Wollong-myon in Paju. Construction is scheduled to finish by 2019.

 Plans were initially announced in 2007 as part of the Global Ewha 2010 project, aimed at making Ewha one of the top 100 universities in the world, but opposition from private land owners and higher than expected land prices delayed construction. Also, financial considerations forced Ewha to change its original plan to use both private land and the former U.S. Army base site, Camp Edwards. Construction on Camp Edwards starts this year, despite possible revisions of the plan.

 "The whole plan is still under revision and currently changing," said Choe Keum-sook (Law), the head of the Office of University Relations & Development.

 The center will house dormitories and research facilities.

 Special courses are planned to cover subjects such as leadership, humanitarian education, foreign language and alumnae education, some of which will take place at the Paju Education and Research Center.

 Students will also have access to resources at the nearby hightechnology industrial complex.

 To raise funds for construction, the Office of University Relations & Development held several events including the concert, Beautiful Challenge for Peace by soprano Jo Su-mi in May 2009.

 Ewha alumnae held the Ewha Art Fair 2010, which was hosted by the Office of University Relations & Development, the College of Arts and the Ewha Alumnae Association on January 11.

 Other Global Ewha projects include developing international courses, building up networks with foreign universities and strengthening humanitarian and science education.

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