LCA issues E-card
LCA issues E-card
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The Life Cooperative Association(LCA), a non profit organization that operates on-campus convenience stores, will issue a new, free-of-charge E-card to students from semester.

Students, faculty and stagg can charge E-cards with money like a credit card. Points gained from each purchase made at the LCA stores at school can late be redeemed for further purchase. 

“The purpose of issuing E-card to students is to provide them with welfare services in and outside school. This is also connected to the increase in number of members of the Life Cooperative Association and improvement in the association environment,” said Kim Young-hee, who is in charge of the duties of the Life Cooperative Association.

 E-card members, this year, will benefit from both the welfare services provided by the LCA and a new tie with the Samsung All At Card – Cultureholic

Benefits provided by the Samsung include discount in performances, coffee stores such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean, internet shopping malls and invitation to movie previews and special events at Everland. In addition to the benefits provided, students with E-card can get discounts in chain store associations located in front of the school such as Italian Plate, Mr. Pizza, and Manoffin. More chain stores plan to add themselves to the program.

Members of the LCA get even more advantages. Students can accumulate five percent of the price of what they purchase.

Sign up for E-cards will take place on the weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by Mar. 31 in front of the Life Cooperative Association store located at the Student Union Building.

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