Ombudsman system opens again for student appeal
Ombudsman system opens again for student appeal
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 It has been a year since Ewha became the first university to introduce an ombudsman system to hear appeals from students who struggle to pay tuition. This year, the system will remain open to students through March 31.

 The system was created in response to the 41st student government's pledge to provide a "100 percent Resolution Center" for tuition problems.

 Applicants are finalized through a thorough examination process by the Office of Student Affairs and through consulting sessions with four experienced staff members.

 The Office of Student Affairs also opened an emergency consultation and meet their sponsors through consultation.

 Depending on the students' situation, Ewha provides alternative services: the system assigns part-time jobs with the help fo the Career Development Center, grants priorities to receive the National Work-Study Scholarship, provides information on student loans and helps students find sponsors for personal scholarships.

 In 2009, Ewha increased its scholarship budget by three billion won and a total of 171 students received assistance. Among them, 141 students got scholarships while 105 students benefited from meal coupons. The system assigned 27 students as the National Work-Study Scholarship receivers.

 In order to apply, students should submit an application form, a resume and a copy of their resident registration with other specified documents that provide specific information on their financial status until March 31.

 For futher questions and consultations, sutdent can call the Student Welfare Center (3277-3690).

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