Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main
Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main
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  The Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main offers practice-oriented study programs of a high academic standard, opening the way to a broad range of attractive professions. Our international orientation with 60 universities worldwide smoothes the way to the global job market. Most of our students now graduate with a Bachelor or Master degree, in conformity with international standards.
The school offers English taught courses in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics, Computer Science and Engineering, Business, Law and Health and Social Work.
The campus has an excellent study atmosphere: the well-designed student restaurant, cosy cafes and spacious layout. The wide range of sports available, mostly free of charge, is unique throughout Germany. The university theatre group with its own theatre facility has developed into a focal point for campus culture.
Frankfurt am Main, one of the foremost financial centres in Europe and since 1998 the headquarters of the European Central Bank, has the flair of a manageable mini-metropolis. It is a striking city of fascinating contrasts — historical and modern, commerce and culture, activity and tranquillity. Frankfurt’s reputation as an international and cosmopolitan city can be attributed to its position as a commercial centre, as a finance capital and as a cultural centre and, last but not least, to its advantageous location in the heart of Germany and Europe.
In Frankfurt students can enjoy an energetic social and cultural life on and off campus.
Apart from studying, there are always plenty of interesting things to see and to do, either in the city itself or in the surrounding Rhein/Main regions like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and even London as well as the seaside and the Alps.
If you are interested in studying at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main, please don’t hesitate to look at our Web site (http://www.fh-frankfurt.de) or e-mail the International Office (bijelic@aa.fh-frankfurt.de).


Linda Bittner is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.


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