Ewha lends helping hands to Haiti
Ewha lends helping hands to Haiti
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     On January 19, Ewha faculty members and President Lee Bae-yong collected 5,000,000 won and assisted Haitians through Good Neighbors, a Seoul based international nongovernmental organization.

     Ewha has donated money through Good Neighbors after the Sichuan earthquake and on other occasions of natural disasters.

     "The members of the Ewha faculty have, without hesitation, gathered spirit and passion, hoping our little help will give hope to Haitians who lost their homes in the earthquake," said Lee.

     Despite a month of tremendous amounts of aid from all around the world, Haiti still needs help. The quake, one of the worst natural catastrophes in history, killed 217,000 people and left hundreds to thousands on the streets eagerly waiting for aid.

     For university students who wish to help, there are ways to give small yet valuable help through phone calls, or even text messages.

     The nongovernmental organization, Food for the Hungry, receives donations via text messages or phone calls. With 10,000 won, a Haitian can receive 10 kilograms of food, while 30,000 won can provide a family with an emergency kit including a blanket, a light, emergency drugs and hygienic tools. Sending a text message to #9599 costs 5,000 won and calling to 060-700-0770 costs 2,000 won per call.

     Similarly, SarangBat, another nongovernmental organization, will also continue its donation program until March 31. The goal is to donate 100 million won. One box of fresh water costs 8,000 won, 10 kilograms of rice 8,000 won, a diaper box 15,000 won, a medical kit 20,000 won and a tent 40,000 won -- all of which Haitians are in desperate need of, according to SarangBat. SarangBat's emergency account for donation is 1005-801-416803 (With SarangBat), at Woori Bank.

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