Ewha alumna defends hope in desperate times
Ewha alumna defends hope in desperate times
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On January 14, the government requested that the Korean Foundation for International Healthcare (K-FIH, President: Kwang Su-han) send medical help to the quake-struck nation, Haiti.
Lim Hee-jin (’03, Nursing Science), the assistant manager of the planning team at K-FIH didn’t even have time to consider safety problems. She packed her backpack with just the responsibility she felt for the devastated country and headed toward Haiti the day after the request.
The desperate situation at Haiti was beyond her imagination.
“Though I was assigned to the second biggest hospital in Haiti, most of the patients had to wait for medical service under shaky tin roofs built on the street,” said Lim.
In such a frustrating condition where around 210,000 people were killed or injured severely, she had to be selective in treating patients.
“In order to save as many patients with insufficient medical supplies and medical teams, we had to give up on those lives that had fewer chances of survival,” said Lim. “It was tormenting to see those dying faces.”
Along with the weak medication condition, diseases such as tuberculosis and the possibility of an aftershock were great fear for Haiti. When the six- magnitude aftershock struck during breakfast, Lim could sincerely understand the fears of Haitians at home.
“Despite all those heartbreaking situations, I had to come back after finishing the 10-day schedule in Haiti. I regret I wasn’t prepared more fully before I left,” she said.
 That is why Lim recommends Ewha students to always have interest in disastors abroad and be prepared to help them out upon  request.
 “They indeed are in despair, but there could be hope with the help of ours. They desperately need our help. I expect there to be more aids and interests from fellow Koreans,” said Lim.

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