Women guards employed for students' safety
Women guards employed for students' safety
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Ewha has employed four women as security guards to better protect students starting this spring. This is the first time for Ewha to hire women as security staff members.

The Office of General Affairs (OGA) said that female guards will provide more prompt and complete services than an all-male guard staff could do.
“Women guards will focus on special duties that only women can do,” said Shin Hyon-shik, a manager of the security department in the OGA.

“Their main job will be to patrol private facilities on campus such as restrooms and sleeping areas and to provide first aid to sick students,” said Shin.

Otherwise, female security guards have almost the same duties as male guard, such as control over the visitors or regular check-ups of nearby facilities.
“We will patrol for all day long in case of emergencies,” said Ko Eun-young, one of the four women security guards. “I hope students will not be surprised or annoyed by us when we come around, especially in the sleeping area,” said Ko.

The news of the employment of women security guards is welcomed by students and the system is gaining the students’ support.

“I think women staff for security will play an important role because they can provide more customized help for girls,” said Kim Young-eun (Business, 2).

According to the OGA, the current contracts for the femalen guards will be in effect for one or two years but future plans could change, depending on the students’ opinion.

“The school made contracts with women guards for a short time as temporary employment. However if the system goes smoothly and if it is needed for students’ security, formal agreements could be made in the future,” said Shin.

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