Online learning service runs trial
Online learning service runs trial
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Trial Video Lecture service opened.

              Ewha Womans University Library will provide a trial video lecture service from September 17 to February 28, 2010. The service provides lectures through which students can prepare for civil service examinations and various language certificates.

             The service is divided into seven categories. The first one is IT, which provides 231 lectures on various software such as Excel, Power Point and Auto CAD. Along with the lectures, the service provides actual questions from previous exams and the Utility data room which allows the user to download various kinds of computer programs including Adobe and Namo5.

             The second category is Business and Economy, which includes 65 lectures on topics such as marketing and accounting. Third one provides 324 lectures on different languages which range from common languages courses like Basic French and TOEIC Class to unique courses like, “Globish speaking course”, “Globish” is a subset of the English language formalized by Jean-Paul Nerriere which is the common ground that non-native English speakers adopt in the context of international business, and “How to e-mail in business” are provided in this section. Fourth category is Continuing Education, which consists of 80 lectures including yoga and quilting class. Fifth is Cultural Studies, which provides 252 lectures on philosophy, history, literature and health. The Sixth is titled Certificate, which is made up of 266 lectures on acquiring various certificates including financial asset manager certificate. Last category provides 17 lectures on successful interviews in applying for jobs.

             Ewha decided to introduce this trial service to provide a high-level education for students for free. “We heard many students are struggling to develop themselves for successful employment. But it costs too much to learn things from private academic schools. That’s why we started this service,” said Yoon Jung-un the manager of the trial video lecture service. However, since the exact demand for such services was unclear, the school decided to conduct the trial service to grasp exact number of demand, and understand what kind of lectures are more popular and needed among students. “Since this is a trial service, whether or not we will introduce the service officially remains uncertain,” said Yoon.

             Students who participated in the service are showing their satisfaction for the quality and variety of the lectures.

 “Even though it is a free service, quality of the lectures is far better than that of lectures from private academies. I was surprised to find out that even the text books are provided online to download for free,” said Lee In-hae (Social Science, 1) who listened to an IT lecture to prepare for a computer certificate.

 “There are so many things to prepare to get a job. All seniors are struggling to master TOEIC, computer certificates and so on. It is really helpful to get a free service online. It saves both money and time,” said Kim Su-hee (Business, 3) who attended a lecture titled “Biz master-international.”

             To use the service, students should first log onto the library hompage, and enter Cyber Education Page. Students can first attend 50 percent of each lecture, and if she wants to attend more, she can request to attend the full class by sending an e-mail to

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