Ewha We Can and 2009
Ewha We Can and 2009
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Looking over the past one year of Ewha We Can
Ewha We Can has almost reached the end of its term as Ewha’s 41st Student Government Association (SGA). Over the past year, Ewha We Can has kept several of its promises to Ewha students. Others are still in progress and some were unrealized.
Regarding high tuition fees, the SGA started a Tuition Ombudsman system helping 171 students this year in need of funds to pay tuition. It established the Tuition Solution Center in the spring semester and gave students a place to have one-on-one meetings with professional consultants about their financial difficulties. The student government also formed a Tuition Evaluation Committee in consultation with professionals in law and accounting to improve students’ access to information about Ewha’s budget.
Ewha We Can has tried to improve students’ study environment. It set up 20 U-Bulletin screens in 10 campus buildings so that students can check the remaining seats at Ewha Centennial Library and Ewha Campus Complex reading rooms.
The SGA also requested the implement of the course-wish-list system to the school. Opening the sleeping room at the Student Union Building for 24 hours during exam periods and launching free TOEIC classes for over 550 students, with the cooperation of YBM Sisa Education, happened this year under the guide of student government.
SGA changed the May Festival, or daedong Festival, compared to previous years. With the help of a private planning corporation, the festival had the Ewha World zone where rides were installed in the grass near the front gate.
“The festival was better than what I have expected. But I was disappointed in that the SGA did not fulfill the promise of carrying out the “Ewha Goose Dream Concert” as part of the May Festival,” said Kim Su-zie (Liberal Arts, 1).
Ewha We Can continued, with other university student governments, to operate the transportation system for students returning home during chu suk holidays. It also requested to the school to abolish the system of having to fill out a form that required a professor’s signature when using a seminar room at Ewha Campus Complex. An online room reservation system was devised instead, with the collaboration of college representatives.
However, the credit accumulation system, in which students can transfer credits from one semester to another, is not yet in place. The SGA said it is still negotiating with the school and will do its best to implement the system before this year ends.
Another unrealized promise is making name cards for students. Ewha We Can said during the election last year that it will make name cards for individual students for use during student internships or interviews.
“After examining the practicality of making name cards for students, we decided it would be more effective to use the money for as many students as possible than to make name cards for a small number of students,” said Kim Yun-hee (Law, 4), the current vice-president of Ewha We Can.
Moreover, the SGA did not carry out the system of lengthening the book loan period from the library and allowing the deposition of tuition for students who are temporarily absent from school.
“We thank every Ewha student for giving Ewha We Can the opportunity to represent and support Ewha,” Kim said. “For the time remaining as SGA, we are going to do our best to fulfill the promises in progress.”  

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