Ewha in Germany network enhanced
Ewha in Germany network enhanced
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President Lee Bae-yong’s visit to six prestigious universities in Germany in July succeeded in launching new exchange partnerships with these schools. Lee’s visit to Germany was a part of the expansion of global campus network to take a step closer to the accomplishment of the Global Ewha 2010 Project.
During the visit to Germany, Lee visited University of Tuebingen for the first time and initiated exchange partnerships. Also, Lee visited and made new contracts with Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University, University of Frankfurt, University of Cologne and University of Göttingen, the universities that previously had exchange partnerships with Ewha. The total six universities that Lee visited are the foundations for students and professors at Ewha to study and research at Germany
Free University Berlin has decided to enlarge the number of exchange students with Ewha and University of Goettingen has agreed to increase the number of exchange students from three to 10 students annually. University of Göttingen also reached an agreement with Lee to establishKorean Studies majorin the university. Humboldt University and University of Frankfurt have agreed to execute joint researches in Women’s Studies. Lee also made a contract with University of Tuebingen by holding a signing ceremony and has agreed to exchange two students from each school every year. University of Tuebingen additionally agreed to extend the exchanges in the area of Korean Studies major with Ewha.

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