Ewha holds exhibit: “Ewha Campus, Ewha Life”
Ewha holds exhibit: “Ewha Campus, Ewha Life”
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Ewha is holding an exhibit of its photograph collection of school views at the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) Gallery (B328). The exhibition, entitled “Ewha Campus, Ewha Life,” displays 136 photographs, which are the work of the school faculty, students, and photographers of the Office of Advertising & Public Relations (OAPR). The gallery is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m until September 30th.


The photographs at the exhibition mainly show the daily college life of students and the scenery on campus. Most are works of the photographers at the OAPR.


Photographs taken by students and faculty include selected photographs from those who applied for the 2009 Ewha Cyber Festival. The Cyber Festival is an annual event organized by the Office of the Institute for Teaching and Learning (OITL). Photographs are collected on-line from students and faculty of the school, and the most beautiful are chosen for display. This exhibit shows photographs selected during the third Cyber Festival.


The gallery also features a slide show of photographs by Edward Kim, a renowned photographer and former editor of National Geographic who visited Ewha in 2002.


Black-and-white photographs of the bygone days of Ewha are displayed in the Ewha History Lake section. The photographs, which were donated by the Ewha History Museum, show the early days of Ewha. Images of Ewha’s founder, Mary Scranton and her students can be found in this section.


The exhibition is organized by staff members of the OAPR and the OITL.


This event is meant to help people see and feel what Ewha is like, by looking at photographs of the beautiful campus and vivid life of the school,” said Nam Jung-hyun, who is in charge of the Cyber Campus at OITL.


“It is very significant that the exhibition shows both Ewha’s 123 years of history and colorful scenes to mark the present,” said President Lee Bae-yong.


The gallery has prepared special events for the visitors. Digital photo shoots and instant prints with Ewha’s image in the background are available for 500 won, and 2GB USB drives will be offered as raffle prizes every Friday.


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