Hanwoori Hall Dormitory changes overnight rule
Hanwoori Hall Dormitory changes overnight rule
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  At the end of last semester, Ewha’s dormitory Hanwoori Hall changed its regulation regarding permitting students to stay off-campus overnight by extending the deadline for registration.  Previously, students could stay out all night during weekends and holidays only if they submitted a registration form by 12:30 p.m. of the day they plan to go out. Currently, the deadline is extended to 9:00 p.m.
  Since Hanwoori Hall is known for its strict rules, students regard this alteration as a big change for the dormitory.
“As a former dormitory resident, I think this change is really huge,” said Kim Jeong-eun (Physics, 3). “Hanwoori Hall was especially strict about roll call time and its staying out policy.”
I  f a student does not follow the rules, she will be penalized by receiving penalty points - three for being late, five for staying out without permission, etc. - and students with more than 10 penalty points can be kicked out of the dormitory. Due to this policy, dormitory regulations are crucial for students to abide by.
  In case of the sleep-out permission, many Hanwoori residents thought the procedure was unnecessarily strict and the dormitory matrons agreed with students’ complaints. After several conversations and research conducted by the matrons and Hanwoori staff, the rule was finally revised in June.
  The change in registration for staying out offers convenience to students, especially in case, of emergency.
For example, during the weekend, Kim Ji-yeon (Business, 1) visited her house in Daejeon and planned to come back to the dorm the next day. However, bus tickets for Seoul were all sold out, so it was impossible for Kim to come back on the original date.
  “The changed rule was my life saver,” said Kim. “It allowed me to register to stay out until 9:00 p.m., so I explained my circumstance to the office. I did not get any penalties and got the ticket for the next day and felt relieved.”
  The administration of Hanwoori Hall is also satisfied with the revised rule. Fewer conflicts arise between dormitory staff and students than in previous semesters. “We decided to modify  the rules for our students’ benefits. After all, students’ welfare is the priority of the dormitory,” said Kim Tae-ok, one of the dormitory matrons of Hanwoori Hall. According to Kim, on average a maximum of 20 calls asking for the stay-out permission are made for a weekend since the revision.
   “Giving out penalty marks for students’ who forgot the deadline or are in an emergency situation was a tough but necessary choice for the dormitory matrons.  So we felt the need for loosening the rules a bit. That’s why we extended the deadline for the request to stay out,” said Kim.

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