May festival fills campus with amusements
May festival fills campus with amusements
  • Choi Min-kyung
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     The May festival or daedong festival began on May 20, and ended on 22 with a club party at the Student Union Building.

     Hosted by the Student Government Association(SGA), the festival included amusement rides, celebrity concerts and student performances over a period of three days.

     Just inside the school's main gate the rides included a massive inflatable slide and a Euro-bungee, or bungee trampoline. Carnival games such as basketball hoops and miniature soccer were also located there. The rides and games were new additions to the daedong festival.

     Several high profile celebrities gave musical and theatrical performances. Day one of the festival included a "police act" with actors, Ryoo Soo-young and Cho Seung-woo, who indulged in their song and dance talents. The boy band 2PM also appeared on May 22, the last day of the festival, and conducted their radio show with MBC. In addition, there were jazz and magic performances to liven up the proceedings.

     A large portion of the festival was taken up by student performances, from musicals, to skits, to rock. Kim Moon-jung (Philosophy, 2) performed as a member of the musical group Raon Soul. "Despite the rain, quite a few people showed up," Kim said. "While there were some drawbacks, overall, it was a positive experience." Other groups, such as PYRUS, Tohon, Release and Hansori also participated.

     The festivities would not have been complete without refreshments. The school grounds were blanketed with blue booths, each managed by a different department. The culinary treats included ddeokggochi (fried rice cake with hot sauce), cheese cakes, hot dogs, chocolate chip muffins and buchimgaes (fried Korean pancakes).

     Though the three days were chock-full with various events, some said the festival had not been festive enough. 'I went to the festivals at other universities, and I found the atmosphere at those schools to be mech more energetic," said Selina Li (International Studies, 1).

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