A scene from Grey's Anatomy
A scene from Grey's Anatomy
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*Keep up: If you keep something up, you continue to do it or provide it.
(Alex enters the closet where Lexie is sitting on the floor)
Alex: You’re charting... in a closet.
Lexie: I get a lot of work done in here. It’s quiet and nice.
Alex: And a closet.
Lexie: Look...when I’m out there roaming the floors, okay, I am the other Grey that Dr. Yang likes to humiliate and kick around. And...and in here, I’m...I’m not. You know, in...in here, I’m...it’s just...it’s...it’s my place, okay?
Alex: It’s...it’s a closet. You know, every intern class has its runt of the litter. You keep this up, this year it’s gonna be you. Get up.
*Chart: If you chart the development or progress of something, you observe it and record or show it.
*Roam: If you roam an area or roam around it, you wander or travel around it without having a particular purpose.
*Humiliate: To humiliate someone means to say or do something which makes them feel ashamed or stupid.
*Kick around: to treat in an inconsiderate or high-handed fashion.
*Runt: 1. an animal unusually small of its kind ; especially the smallest of a litter of pigs.
2. a person of small stature.
*Keep up: If you keep something up, you continue to do it or provide it.

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