Improve your knowledge of sexual health
Improve your knowledge of sexual health
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A student receives consultation at the Campus Sexual Promotion Center, located in Room 117 of Helen Hall.


Kim Eun-jin, who is a freshmen student at Ewha, received a consultation at the Campus Sexual Health Promotion Center (CSHPC). Kim explains how it helped her gain practical knowledge on sexual health. “Taking a short ten minute quiz was a great opportunity for me to correct the misconceptions I had on sexual health,” said Kim. “The center nurse kindly and easily explained to me the answers and also provided me with practical advises.”

  The CSHPC, located in room 117 of the Helen Hall, was first established in August 2008 to provide various services and consultations on reproductive and sexual health for free of charge.

 The center, managed by Professor Park Hyo-jung’s team of the Department of Health Sciences, has been initiated as part of the College Student’s Reproductive Health Promotion Project organized by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs (MIHWAF).

 “The MIHWAF has provided the financial support for the center in the hopes of improving college student’s reproductive health through on-campus health centers which can provide information and be a place for communication related to sexual health,” said Park Jae-keum, an administrative official at the MIHWAF.

   Professor Park felt the urgent need for a specified reproductive health manual for those in their twenties, after Park conducted a survey amongst 6,000 college students on their knowledge on sexual health matters in November 2007.

 “Based on the survey, quiet a number of students undertook abortion and experienced unwanted pregnancies. Their contraceptive knowledge and practice were found very low, which led them to negligence on the post-abortion care,” said Professor Park. “The center’s main goal is to provide students with an in-depth knowledge on health care through one-on-one consultations and through free check-ups.”

 The center provides various checkups: ultrasound examination, Pap Smear (to detect/test cervical cancer), Body Mass Index (BMI), urinalysis test (analysis of the urine), blood pressure test, temperature, and breast cancer.

 What is more, the center educates students by giving contraceptive guides such as how to put an actual condom, how to self-detect venereal diseases and breast cancer by touching a silicon breast model, and further provides a privately conducted consultation on various matters including sex life.











“Lots of students sign up to talk about their sex lives. Many students tell me how hard it is to share these stories with their families and friends,” said Seo Kum-sook, a center nurse at the CSHPC. “Students should not feel shy or ashamed of talking about these matters. I hope more students would willingly sign up for this.”

 According to Professor Park, over 200 students have visited the center since September 2008.

 “Everyone is welcomed at any time of the day. However, I recommend those students wanting an in-depth consultation to make a reservation by calling us,” said Seo. “More so, English consultations are available for foreign exchange students at our school.”

 The center is open throughout the year, including summer break, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Students can also send an e-mail at or call 02)3277-3692.







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