SGA unable to recruit student auditing commissioners
SGA unable to recruit student auditing commissioners
  • Hwang Jin-joo
  • 승인 2009.06.01 09:36
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  The Student Government Association (SGA) was without an auditing commissioner this semester as no one applied for the position during the recruitment period from March 14 to 18.
   The 40th SGA, last year’s student council, enacted the rule to elect studentl auditing commissioners to audit SGA spending.
   Kang Jung-ju (Korean, 4), last year’s SGA president, said that the auditing commissioner system was created to make activities of the SGA cleaner, more open, and more closely connected to students. “The SGA gets financial supports from students who pay the SGA themselves. So the SGA is responsible for managing the money effectively and should be ready to reveal its spending to students at any time,” said Kang. 
   To advertise for the position, the current SGA, Ewha We Can, posted three advertisements in front of the Student Union Building, the Ewha-POSCO building and the Centennial Library.
   Article 49 of the SGA rules states that up to three commissioners can be elected through the Conference of Student Representatives (CSR), which is held once a semester. The commissioners will work for one semester, reviewing the SGA’s account book, checking if there are any lost of receipts, and examining the correctness of the account record. This semester would have been the first to involve an audit.
   “I was shocked to find out that no one applied for it; though there are many students who are interested in how the SGA spends money,” said Shin Yeon-su (Korean Literature, 2).
   Some students say the advertisements were not sufficient. 
   “I go to the Student Union Building every day but I didn’t know anything about the recruitment,” said Lee Yoon-sil (Social Studies, 2). “I do not understand why the SGA did not keep advertising for the position. Auditing is really important.”
   Kim Yoon-hee, the vice-president of the SGA, says that the SGA has no authority to prolong the recruitment period or repeat the recruiting process, since it is the SGA’s rule to have it done before the CSR is held.
   “But, we will do our best to inform students better about the recruitment and have auditing commissioners next semester,” said Kim.

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