Single session for summer semester
Single session for summer semester
  • Hwang Jin-joo
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  Summer semester courses will be opened only for one session this year, from June 22 to July 17. The previous summer and winter courses were offered in two sessions.
   The Department of Academic Affairs (DAA) at Ewha said that it shortened the period of regular summer courses to encourage students to take part in the Ewha International Summer College (ISC) that Ewha has conducted since 1971. A staff member from the DAA, Kang hae-seon, said that students will be able to take ISC courses with the same amount of tuition as a regular summer semester course. The ISC will be held in two sessions ― Session 1 from June 22 to July 17 and Session 2 from August 3 to 14.
   The ISC was created to enable students to take courses in English on various areas.  Exchange students, students who are studying abroad, and prospective Ewha students who have been admitted for the fall can apply for the ISC.
   Though there will only be one summer session, the number of classes for the summer semester has been increased from 179 classes last year to 190 this year.
   “Also, tranferring credits from ten other universities including Seoul National University and Yonsei University will be provided during the vacation,” said Kang.
   However, some students say they prefer the previous system with its choice of terms. “One of my friends planned to take a 2nd summer session course and registered for a program to go abroad, but she had to give up her plan when she heard that there would be no 2nd session this year,” said Lee Soo-young (History, 3).
   Kang says that the winter semester will include two sessions as before.

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