A scene from House
A scene from House
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♦ Catch that Scene ♦
A scene from the TV drama series House
Rebellious: Why is the girl getting the MRI?
Dr. House: Because the neck scan revealed nothing and her doctor is way more obsessive than she thinks she is.
Rebellious: But you said the guy needed the MRI.
Dr. House: Because Dr. Cameron back there said muscle death, not one of you said it. Not one of this guy’s doctors said it. They gave him bed rest and antibiotics, just like you guys would have.
Caring: Did he get better?
Dr. House: No.
*Reveal: If you reveal something, it is to make known, to lay open to view
Example) The truth of the mystery was revealed by the detectives.
*Obsessive: If you are obsessive to something, you are pertaining to it extremely, in a way that is not normal.
Example) She is obsessive about the car, she has been looking at it for hours.

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