Soccer tournament heating up more than ever
Soccer tournament heating up more than ever
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A soccer match between the Campus Crusade for Christ and the United Committee of Student Clubs on April 29.
The 2009 Ewhain Hanaduigi (Let’s become one) Soccer Tournament began with the opening ceremony on April 29 and is in progress. 18 teams from colleges, departments, student clubs, and high school alumnae associations of Ewha are playing in the sporting event. Many Ewha students also took part of the heart-throbbing soccer games by visiting the Ewha Athletics Track to root for the players.
The highest score among the winning teams was 22 by the College of Health Science 1 and the College of Social Science. However, scores itself do not show the passion and the heat of the game. Not only the winning teams but also the teams that lost showed great techniques which were the products of harsh practices.
“Although our team lost the game, I am still proud of my team in that all of us tried our best and did a better job than our practice games. I am glad that we became closer to each other through practicing for the soccer matches,” said Hong Yeon-ju (Korean, 4), the head of the United Committee of Student Clubs. “I am excited for my team’s victory, but I would like to emphasize that it was a wonderful experience for many Ewha students to participate in a physically tough sports game like soccer,” said Cho Yeon-joo (Public Administration, 2), a player of the Campus Crusade for Christ team.
One of the interesting episodes was the reversion that occurred during the game between the United Committee of Student Clubs and the Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). CCC was losing during the first half of a game by 2:0, but then led to an extended game by scoring two goals during the second half of the game. And CCC scored one more goal and won the game. “It was the most thrilling reversion among the past games. Also, the teamwork of the Division of International Studies was great. They were so absorbed into the game that they were unconsciously communicating in English,” said Yoo Ji-won (Department of Health Education & Management, 2).
Especially for the freshmen, this year’s Ewha soccer tournament was a new and exciting experience. “Every player did her best and I enjoyed watching the games. I hope the soccer tournament becomes a bigger event at school so that more students can participate in the students’ unity,” said Ha Jung-hyun (Social Science, 1), a freshman who was watching one of the soccer games.

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