Changes in May Festival expected
Changes in May Festival expected
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                   The May Festival (daedong Festival) at Ewha is held during the last week of May every year. The festival is planned and managed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and student councils of each department. Also, several school clubs play a big role in the festival. Compared to last year, this year’s festival has announced a big change. Unlike the previous SGA, which emphasized activities that can unify Ewha students and bring them closer during the festival, the current 41st SGA, Ewha We Can, plans to have a different festival theme: Zone Differentiation and Individualization.


            “Precedent SGAs have constantly tried to hold programs that were aimed to make Ewha students unified,” said Jang Ye-rang (French, 3), the SGA manager of this year’s festival. “Such intention was good but students’ participation rate was low.”


                    In order to prevent such low participation, the SGA plans to divide the festival into three main zones: Ewhaism, Ewha World and Performance zones. The SGA says that dividing the festival into several zones will increase the number of choices that students have, enabling them to participate in the activities that they prefer.


                   “You will not be able to find any major programs that you have seen before, such as tug-of-war or eating bibimbop (mixed rice with vegetables) out of a single giant bowl,” said Jang.


             The Ewhaism zone is an exhibition on the history of Ewha. The zone will be at the bottom floor (B4) of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). The exhibition will show the road Ewha has walked since its foundation and will try to newly portray Ewha, celebrating its 123rd anniversary. Photos and artifacts will be displayed.


             At the Ewha World zone, the SGA plans to install rides that resemble an amusement park for Ewha students. About five to six rides will be placed at the grass next to the front gate, including a huge slide and a plastic bull for students to ride on.


            The last zone, the Performance zone, will consist of two parts: the part for inside participants and outside guests. Inside participants will include musical or theatrical performances from school clubs including rock and hip-hop bands. On the first day of the festival, performances will begin under the name of “Club Festival.” Club performances will continue on mornings of the following two days, while at night on the second day, magic shows and jazz performances will entertain students. On the night of the last day, an invited Indie band will perform.


                  Performances from outside guests will start off by a whistle performance by the officers from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Public Relations Department on May 20. This will be followed by the singing competition for foreign students hosted by the Office of Global Affairs on May 22.

                  The Daedong Festival will be held for three days starting from May 20.




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