The 2009 Ewha soccer tournament begins
The 2009 Ewha soccer tournament begins
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Since April, we have seen many students at the Ewha Athletics Track kicking soccer balls with passion. This is in preparation for the upcoming soccer matches that will be held for the purpose of the unity of the departments and colleges at Ewha. The 2009 Ewhain Hanaduigi (Let’s become one) Soccer Tournament began with the opening ceremony on April 29.
Each soccer match consists of 30 minutes of actual game (15 minutes for the first half and 15 minutes for the second half) and 10 minutes of break time. This year is the 15th anniversary of the soccer tournament and a special moment for Ewha students to think about the history of the sporting event.
The history goes back to 15 years ago, when the student council of the College of Health Sciences came up with an idea of having a soccer tournament. The student council wanted to hold a sporting event which provided an opportunity to all Ewha students to unite and celebrate the college’s 50th anniversary. Then, they agreed on holding a soccer tournament since soccer is easy to play and many people can participate.
What is unique about Ewha Soccer Tournament is that the games are conducted with two balls simultaneously and there are 12 to 15 members on each team. The College of Business Administration won the finals last year, and the College of Social Science won year before last year. Since this year is 15th anniversary for the soccer tournament, many teams are practicing zealously to win the matches.
One of the memorable episodes of the soccer tournament was that foreign students (both men and women) from the Scranton College highly wanted to participate in the games, so students from other colleges had played tough games with foreign students regardless of their gender or age.
“As time passes, more Ewha students are willing to participate and break the notion that only boys play soccer. In line with this thought, we made the poster for this year’s tournament comically with an image of girls playing soccer like boys,” said Lee Chang-hyun (Physical Education, 4), the head of the physical education student council.
Although the opening ceremony of the tournament has passed, students who want to cheer for or participate in the soccer game can join the remaining semi-finals and finals at the Ewha Athletics Track.
18 teams including from colleges and clubs will be in the tournament.

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