Career club Eruda wins Hope Project Contest
Career club Eruda wins Hope Project Contest
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Ewha's support for clubs comes to fruition.

  Eruda, a club promoting cultural activities at Ewha, was awarded first place in the 3rd annual Hope Project Contest hosted by CJ Sharing Foundation. The contest was hed to create an English education program for children from low income families. The program will be provided to underpriviliged students under sponsorship from CJ and Cyworld. Eruda designed an English musical program called" Tales and Stories for English Musical Class."  The program centered on helping students perform a musical in English and included a scriot and workbook for students to use on their own. In order to make the class environment more familiar to students, Eruda chose to design the project storyboards consisitng of plotlines which provides general back ground information and work books by hand, not with computer graphics. "It took us one full week to finish the job, but after we got the prize,, we thought all the effort we made was worthwhile, since childeren in need will be able to learn English using the tools we have made for them," said Yun Song-ei(Sociology, 2), the current president at Eruda. "Winning the contest made us think that we could truly achieve something as the meaning of our club's name says in Korean," added Yun. Founded in 2007, whose name means "come into being" or "achieve" in Korean, Eruda was selected by the Ewha Career Development Center(CDC) for a sponsorship in 2007. With a support from the CDC, Eruda has participated in numerous activities and has won six prizes over the past two years in contests to produce User Created Contests and documentary films and in a brand naming contest for the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs. The club has nine members, who are from various departments. "The unique trait of Eruda is that it focuses on promoting cultural activities in Korea. There insn't any other university student club doing this because our club is specially designed to participate in contests through vogourous meetings and brainstorming, which not many college students are willling to do. We are also proud of the fact that we can make practical contributions to society," said Kang Oo-ri(Graduate School of Educational Technology), the former president of Eruda. "Since Eruda is a club that focuses on culture in general terms and not just in its educaional aspects, we will try to broaden our intersts to culture as whole," said Yun. Eruda is planning to hold a special lecture in the second week of May and to hold more cultural events in the future.

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